Frequently Asked Questions

How can I order the products?
The menu on the top of the screen gives you an overview of all the social media platforms we support. There you will find all available products related to a platform, just like Instagram, TikTok or YouTube.
Within the purchase screen, you first enter all the necessary information regarding your product selection. You then provide us with your contact and billing data and can complete your order.
If you choose several products, they will be collected at the top right of your shopping cart.
Is there a guarantee?

If we cannot deliver a purchased product to you, you will get 100 percent of your money back. In case followers or likes are lost, we will of course refill them free of charge for 30 days. (If you changed your username within 30 days then we are unable to refill your dropped followers)  So you don’t have to be afraid of possible loss.

Are the accounts and profiles real?
About 90 percent of the accounts through which we deliver look like real profiles on the respective platforms. They are not only containing a profile picture, but also all relevant data.
The difference to normal accounts lies in the fact that they are inactive profiles. Some are a little active, but this is not comparable to a common account on a social media platform.
Do I have to reveal my password?
Under no circumstance! Your password, which you use for your own accounts on e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or TikTok, is not important to us. Username or URL of your account is important to us and your profile must be public.
Why does my profile have to be public?
This has a technical background. If you have a private account, our server cannot deliver your order. The system blocks here, as experience has shown that more and more delivery problems have occurred with private accounts.
That’s why the system blocks here. This is an important step for us, because we want to make sure that you receive and can use your purchases in any case.
Which payment method can I use to pay?
You can pay using the PayPal money transfer system for now, in future we’ll introduce some more methods if possible.
What if I lose followers or likes?
So far, our customers have not commented negatively on orders that have already been placed. This means that the likes and followers no longer fell after the purchase. If this happens to you, please contact us immediately.
We want to help you with this problem and keep the quality of our products at a high level. Your satisfaction is our top priority!
How do I change or cancel my order?
If you have not yet completed your order, you can cancel it. If your order has already been placed, you should send us an email or contact us on chat as soon as possible.
The product I want to buy doesn't exist here. What can I do?
If you are missing a service on our website you are looking for, just contact us, we can deliver any service of your demand. We can deliver any product to you that we do not yet have.

Are there any more questions in your mind?

Then contact us!