If you use TikTok in a professional manner, especially in the field of web marketing, increasing the number of TikTok followers is essential, so that your content can have greater visibility. Also based on this principle, increasing likes and growing on TikTok can be essential to reach audiences interested in what you intend to communicate.

15 Methods to Increase Followers and Likes on TikTok

We present a quick overview of some useful tricks, so that you can quickly increase your notoriety on TikTok.

1. Profile image with high visual impact and original bio

A well-written bio is the first step towards success on TitkTok and increasing the number of followers.

This is a professional matter: being able to communicate in a few lines who you are and what you do is also a smart move to fascinate brands interested in what you communicate.

Growing up on TikTok is an action that also involves attention to detail. In addition to the well-written bio, a high-impact profile photo proves to be an important strength. If it is clearly the official company account, the logo is just fine.

With a profile consistent with the content, you are already off to a good start.

2. Identify the niche

Who do you intend to contact on TikTok?

It is true that it is a social network for teenagers, but thinking of intercepting them all indistinctly is a sensational mistake. Impossible.

The secret is always to identify the niche, that is a specific audience segment that is interested in a particular topic. Whether you are a cat lover or Caribbean dance, always take into account your core business and what you communicate at this stage.

3. Careful selection of sources

The web is the breeding ground of buffaloes published by charlatans. For this reason, carefully select the sources from which you draw information, your credibility is at stake.

4. Content to be published

On a social network like TikTok, choosing evasive content is of paramount importance. Keep in mind that teenagers and teenagers are the target audience of this social network, born from the ashes of Musical.ly. If you opt for topics that are too serious or excessively technical, you will not be able to frame the target to whom you intend to communicate your ideas.

At least, for the moment, that’s the way it is. In order to avoid sensational holes in the water and unnecessarily waste the budget allocated for the current project, it is a wise choice to focus on evasive formats, such as the timeless comedy style or the very nice gags.

5. Pay attention to the time of publication

Posting at 10 or 4:30 pm on TikTok is not quite the same thing.

Considering the fact that the users of this social network are mainly teenagers who go to school, posting content before 2pm can be very risky.

The best choice is to opt for that time slot that goes from 15 to 23. However, each case is different from the other and only through a careful analysis of the statistics of your profile, you can have a complete overview of this choice. In this regard, it is essential to use the business profile: only in this way, you can monitor the analytics and find out in which time slots your followers are most active. And if you work on an international project, time zones must inevitably be taken into consideration.

6. Frequency of publication

Many, especially among novices, when they try their hand at making movies on TikTok, wonder how many to publish in a day.

There is no single answer. It depends on your choices. Is it better quality or quantity? How are you put in terms of your creative streak? Do you always find interesting ideas? The ideal choice is to prefer quality and not exaggerate too much with the publication of mini-movies, even if the platform does not penalize that much.

Posting only one video per day, maximum two, is the best possible choice.

7. The importance of interactions

The algorithms of TikTok, in terms of dynamics, do not differ much from those of traditional social networks. It follows, therefore, that in the face of a greater number of interactions obtained following the publication of the video, the chances of finding it in the “for you” section will increase.

Whether it’s about likes, shares or comments, the more your video collects, the more you have to benefit from. In the case of calls to action, the principle in question is even more evident.

According to the gurus of TikTok, the first three hours following the publication of the video are fundamental for his future: the more interactions he gets, the more he is destined to grow. Otherwise, the inevitable slowdown in terms of views will only be a logical consequence.

In light of the experience of numerous influencers on TikTok, it is really very difficult for the algorithm to shoot a movie and suddenly go viral. However, never say never. For this reason, it is always a wise choice not to delete published videos from your personal profile. Definitive cuts are not particularly appreciated by the algorithm: you would end up with penalties that would only reduce your quality score.

8. Description of videos and clever use of hashtags

The videos should be described in the best way, using the keywords of the focus. In this way, in fact, TikTok will be able to select the best users to view your creation. So, if your intent is to increase the likes on TikTok, fascinating the Italian followers, a concise description that invites you to view the clip is the forerunner in order to obtain a good result.

Even hashtags are used in a wise, in order to gain maximum visibility, especially in the eyes of the target to which you intend to contact. However, it is necessary to know how to dose them. Excessive use of hashtags, in fact, turns out to be an own goal most of the time. Choose one or two at most and make sure they are as relevant as possible with the type of video you just posted online.

For even better performance, it’s a wise choice to always take a look at the current trends. Often, there are challenges going on, all done with hashtags. Riding the wave can increase the virality of your videos. And this is where the work of winning followers begins. If you are a skilled web marketer on TikTok, you will need to be able to retain your new followers.

9. Choosing the right soundtrack

The soundtracks that are the background to your movies are of great importance to the success of your video. However, knowing how to choose the right song can sometimes prove to be a difficult task. Which one to choose?

Always keep in mind the adolescent target and the connection that would be established with the video. The consistency between the song and the type of video is essential in this sense. In reference to which piece to choose, always evaluate the most popular singers and the hits of the moment. Even with a simple trick like the one in question, intercepting a consolidated user base becomes much easier.

10. Make the most of the challenges

The added value of TikTok also lies in the challenges. In fact, intuiting its evolutionary dynamics often proves a competitive advantage over other users. Users who decide to participate in these challenges, often really exciting, do so to show off all their creative talent. So, you just have to take advantage of it and if you are good at TikTok, your artistic streak will come out and many will notice it.

11. The secret is sometimes in duets

If you think you are a stage animal and you are not afraid to show your image, winning likes on TikTok is a breeze, putting yourself in the game as a couple. Duets are always liked: if you have a certain aptitude for singing, for acting or for dancing, on TikTok you will certainly find fertile ground.

12. Quizzes and surveys

In order for your video on TikTok to get the long-awaited and well-deserved consecration, interaction is the crucial element. Involving as many users as possible is the winning strategy. In this sense, surveys and quizzes, which are really simple to carry out using the appropriate badge, are definitely useful in this regard. If you are also familiar with the stories on Instagram, in this case you will not waste time, putting yourself in the new role of influencer on TikTok.

13. Monitoring of the time spent on the video

Increasing followers on TikTok, as already pointed out, is a process focused on attention, sometimes even obsessive, of details.

The time users spend on your video is a decisive factor to be carefully monitored. In this way, the passage to the “for you” section, which acts as a lock pick for the virility of the movie, is decidedly easier.

Not everyone who views your movie does it from start to finish. From the statistics, understanding what is wrong is essential to try to improve your performance. With this in mind, a foregone conclusion, non-level shots, an approximate performance, a simple emulation of a successful video certainly don’t pay off. It’s up to you to create the so-called Wow effect, keeping the audience’s attention threshold high. The more their interest is shown, the more you gain in terms of the quality of the work done.

These are some of the useful tips to increase TikTok followers. The achievement of likes and the growth on this social network, increasingly appreciated lately, also pass from the virility and loyalty that you can get through the clips you publish.

14. Invite your friends to follow you on TikTok

Friends, as they say in the jargon, see each other in time of need: invite them to follow you on TikTok too, right? In fact, you can already count on a starting base, more or less good.

And if you have several profiles on social networks or a YouTube channel, tell your followers that you are also on TikTok.

15. Rely on Speed Followers

In case you are a new TikTok user or you intend to grow quickly and increase the authority and importance of your profile in the eyes of other users, then you can buy interactions such as followers and likes directly on SpeedFollowers.uk, which for a few Pounds (GBP) it will guarantee you an exponential and fast growth of your profile. Seeing is believing.


Knowing how to grow on TikTok is essential from a business perspective.

Keep in mind that quality videos, once they go viral, give you the advantageous opportunity to retain a consolidated user base. By taking advantage of this possibility, increasing your TikTok followers even more clearly won’t cost you any effort!