Amid lockdown measures and Covid-19 concerns, marketing needs to be sensitive. This will confirm to the clientele that you continue working for and for them.

The pandemic will impact all areas of production. Without excepting public relations, RRSS or marketing. It is a 180 degree turn that can leave many disoriented.

It will be necessary to be more analytical about when to issue the messages, how to approach, etc. We offer you a range of options that will hit the mark.

With it, you will be riding the wave of PR and marketing!


These days, digital platforms will be at their peak. They will constitute an elemental piece to connect us with the outside, to be in contact with others and to cover many needs.

Those events that you prepared with so much care do not have to be discarded, but they must be adapted. So that they are carried out by digital platforms. What happens when you execute this change?

In the first instance, an empathic realism with customers is shown. You are aware of their needs and interest in the event. You will have a global impact, you will boost your engagement and it will be a lasting effect on the mind of your target.

Now users will more effectively compare the proposals of different brands. As well as their ability to engage and respond to the situation. Opt for content that increases awareness.

Creatively transmit your corporate identity and the values ​​that distinguish you. There is something essential to take into account, during war periods the cinemas get packed, do you remember why?

Exact! People need a break. They deserve a space to get away from so much horror. The bigger the crisis, the more value the arts and entertainment in general take on.

Think of strategies that contribute to people’s emotional and mental health. Some may be at risk of developing anxiety, depression, claustrophobia. As a brand you can also detect these needs and work on them.

Those live on Instagram, 24 free courses, simple concerts or tips for the home office are up to date.


It can be a challenge to get humanity out of your signature in circumstances, due to the endless limitations that are experienced. But, everything has a timely solution! Bring to the present some of those contents that worked months or even years ago.

As? Updating the references, figures or certain data can be simple and very useful. Bet on modifying subtitles or titles. Also include backlinks or make a keyword change.

Fluent communication with your audience will have greater relevance. Apply content marketing in all its splendor. Use email, RRSS and SEO.

The bulk of the people will be literally glued to their screens. Looking for quality content and an optimistic approach. Something very popular at the moment is a list of activities to do from home.

Public relations will be poured into valuable content in various digital formats. It is the right time for an e-book project, for example. Ensure consumer loyalty by using micro influencers.

It will attract your potential customers to your brand with great efficiency. Hyperconnection will reach its peak these days, it is tangible to the point that systems can suffer from it.

Why do we need to keep it in mind? Because SEO optimization should not be put off. On the contrary, SEO strategies need more push now. More free time means more lapses to surf the web.

You want to be among the first results! So that they find you easily for your services or products.


The streets are empty and the media is saturated with updated data on Covid-19, much information goes unnoticed. You can take advantage of this aspect to give details about famous articles or media notes.

Take this kind of content by coupling them to different digital platforms. You will get a boost in your visibility. On the other hand, it will give a plus to your credibility.

Do you need another reason to apply this strategy? In general, by consuming so much information about the virus, people will be pushed to disconnect.

Yes, you will notice that it can affect your mood and it can turn into satiety. They will look for different content, something refreshing, and you will be ready to offer it!