Refund Policy

Services Offered

The services offered on the site are widely described in the reference pages of the same, The website undertakes to provide the services on the estimated schedule and the customer agrees to comply with the contractual conditions for the service purchased. Of the delays in the supply, the client, contacted the owners of the site, can wait the indicated time, due to possible delays in delivery or can request a full refund of the amount, if and only if the order is not still started, otherwise the refund will be partial. For example, If the customer has bought a package of 1000 as with the expected delivery time 10 days and the tenth day on the page has already received part of the required similar, he is obliged to wait for the indicated period of time provided for the possible slowdown in the service. The same goes for the other services on the site.

In the event that the customer is dissatisfied with the service, the refund will be partial (retention costs will be retained) or total in case of a refund through a coupon for a different purchase.

So also for all other services on the site.

Refund for service resignation

Once the service is delivered, it is no longer possible to request a full refund. In this case, the refund will be made in part because a deduction will be applied to the costs of the service that you benefit before the notice of the interruption of the campaign, which amounts to approximately 40%. With the refund, the actual value of the package in question will be taken into consideration, without any promotion of any kind and added value at a later time. The activation costs will be fully paid by the agency

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